Thursday, April 4, 2013

Case for a Fast Find 210 PLB

I've recently found the perfect case for my FastFind PLB, my review of the unit can be seen here:
FastFind VS. SPOT Personal Tracker

McMurdo sells a case which in my opinion seems better suited for storing the thing in a drawer, than on your person.  The case cover doesn't look very secure, and appears to be held closed with only a little Velcro, and held in place with a simple clip.  They want $20.00 for it.

The case I found is a Y2K era cell phone case, for a Motorolla V120C cell phone, and they can still be found online and eBay.  It fits the unit perfectly, and has both a very sturdy, MOLLE compatible belt clip, and a small D-ring for a lanyard.

The front is plastic, so the unit can be more readily identified as being a rescue device, in case someone other than yourself chooses to activate it.

The Mortorolla case closes with only a small Velcro tab, but the unit fits so snugly, it is unlikely to ever fall out on its own.  However, I added a snap enclosure to be on the safer side.

Then I pulled out the spring-steel belt clip.  It is a nice solid clip, but belt clips can get lost, so I riveted in a MOLLE compatible, Milspec, "Malice" clip made by military supplier "Tactical Tailor" for a more secure attachment point.   The Malice clip can slide onto, or be clipped over a belt, or MOLLE webbing if desired, but needs a tool, like a knife or a screwdriver to detach.

I picked up a few, new cases, and if anyone wants one made up for them, feel free to contact me via this list.   Twenty bucks should cover my time and shipping costs withing North America.

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