Friday, June 18, 2010


PPG’s don’t lend themselves well to carrying stuff. Your back is carrying the motor, and attachment straps are covering all but a small area of your chest. However, your legs are easily reached from the sitting position, and your thighs and calves can be used to load gear, keeping it accessable while flying but out of the way when launching.

I use a drop leg bag to carry a camera, and some other gear on my thigh. The same carrier that I modified to make a chest rig. Any thing I want to carry aloft, I adapt to fit the MOLLE pattern and weave on the pouches/carriers that I specifically need.

By the way, Military leg pouches often have two straps going around the thigh, and two straps help the bag stay where you want it.

A simple drop leg carrier can be made out of 2” webbing, a buckle, and some Velcro. Any bag design you choose can be thus attached. This bag is a MEC (Mountain Equipment Co-op) satchel, that I modified with a drop leg attachment, and a thigh strap.

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