Sunday, June 13, 2010


Here are some free links to online PPG training in no particular order.

ONLINE INSTRUCTION: Books and Pamphlets
This is a very comprehinsive online book put out by the FAA on Powered Parachutes, including information on: weather, wing dynamics, air space, etc. PP but very applicable to foot launch PPG.
A Basic Instructional Primer For Beginning PPG/Paraglider Pilots.
The source for PPG pilots. Online instruction, and other links from USPPGA and Jeff Goin

Info on gliders, but also an instructional page.

Late PPG pioneer Pilot Dixon White's page. Lots of great essays, and instructional advice.
Weather and meteorology for aviation. Good info on wind and turbulence factors in micrometerology section. Site is designed for aircraft and PPC pilots, but you can spend hours following links with information applicaple to PPG
Flight planning and aeronautical charts.

Video PPG training tips by pilot Tom Scott

Air King Propellers LLC
Inexpensive, but high quality props for PPG.  Wood, Kevlar adn composite. Fast cheap shipping from the UK
Very comprehensive list of PPG links
windtracker systems
Michael recommended this. Designed for kiteboarding, but wind is wind

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