Friday, June 11, 2010

Mini-telescoping wind pole

My Youtube video link here:
My Mini-pole, is made from a telescoping, magnetic-tipped reacher (used as a long-reach magnet for picking up small ferrous objects) that I picked up for a dollar at the dollar store.
The reacher is about the size of a pen, so it fits handily in a pocket, yet has an extended length of about about twenty-four inches. I cut the magnet off, and JB Welded a number-four fishing swivel in its place to attach a bit of streamer, or a mini-wind sock.

I cut the pen-clip off, and jammed on a bit of tubing, (I used scrap ¼” fuel line) I can slip it on a cut off tent peg, to ground mount, or slip it over the radio antennae of a car.

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