Friday, June 11, 2010

Garmin RINO case

My radio is a Garmin Rino 536. Because it is also a GPS, Altimeter, and digital compass, I wanted a deck style platform so I could read the screen while flying. I made this cordura case, which is MOLLE compatible, so I can wear it on my chest rig.

This case has a full Cordura cover, but all that is required is the basic structural shap, with the drop down deck flap. It is just Cordura material, contact cemented onto some heavy plastic. One side is padded with a little microfiber covered foam. A slot is cut inot the plastic, and the drop cords are just lacing material on speed lace D-rings.

recycled the Cordura, the plastic material, and the foam to make this, from a salvaged 3-ring binder zipper closing binder. I played around with the basic design even developing a zipper case for the drop platform. Its handy to have the radio close to my body when launching, but horizontal to access the GPS, maps, compass and altimeter.

A similar drop-down system could be rigged for any GPS or radio/GPS combination.


I made this for may companion radio a Rino 130. Tehre is no over case, which better shows the simple drop-down concept.

The framework is made of two pieces of 6 1/4" plastic 2 1/2" wide, and a base 2" x 212" wide.

They were laid out in a line, and contact cemented to a long piece of Cordura. I left an 1/8" space between each section to allow for a fold/crease when the case is in an open-sided box shape.

I drilled two holes, to make a slot for teh Garmin belt clip, and attached two short lines of para-cord to make the "draw bridge" lines.

I also riveted two L-brackets on the face piece to add a little extra structural support.

The paracord is secured with shrink tubing, over the type of D-ring connectors used on boots. They are riveted through the plastic.

This is the front view. The case stays closed in the vertical position for take-offs adn landing. Then a single nylon connector lets the radio drop down to horizontal during flight. Here is a rear view showing two Molle straps, which are made of the same plastic, which I covered with Cordura with contact cement. A little extra Cordura made a folding tab which I cemented and secured with two rivetss per tab strap.

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